Re: Tumblr Ads

I could post this on my personal blog, but I choose not to. Running this blog is a hobby of mine. I look up art, bookmark reblogs, sort my posts, and research sources, because I love caring for it. However, it soaks up quite a bit of my time. My time for and interest in Tumblr is waning and upon seeing the VH1 tumblr ad last night, it’s my honest opinion that this site is making a turn for the worse.

I ignored it easily enough, but who knows how long that function will hold sway over advertisements. I have no strong feelings against ads, provided there’s a way to avoid them, but to post an ad with a bunch of half-naked women dancing in a pool with some cheesy, half-brained caption underneath is inexcusable on a website as ultra-liberal as Tumblr.

Being a straight male, I have no personal issue looking at a bikini-clad women, but I have the luxury to choose to follow a blog like that, whereas others might not want to. This is something forced upon all of us, whether we want it or not, but the most disheartening thing of all is that the owners of this website are so out of touch with its users that they mindlessly approved this kind of advertising.

I think now is the time to make ourselves heard, to let them know to pay more mind to the ads they approve or to give us the means to opt out of seeing them, because I can honestly say that if this is the future of Tumblr, I want no part of it

1 year ago
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  3. paulina-girl said: Yep, I don’t mind much for the car ads, or the Despicable Me2, or if they want to sell computers, or advertise artist or food or whatever. but that kind of ads is just… no.
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  5. sujamma said: That post grossed me out too, but I tumblr saviored “sponsored” and that blocked it and all the other sponsored posts on my dash if you want an alternative, since I doubt they’re going anywhere any time soon.
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    I am so glad I’m not the only one who thought this. >.
  8. eirstegalkin said: tumblr was literally going to close in 6 months if they hadnt started up advertising. nobody likes it but i’d prefer it happen than to have the website fail
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